Vocational Training Centre

Status : in-progress |

30 November 2017

This Training Center is going to provide the Maldivian youth an opportunity to acquire a skill set that could be utilized for personal development and job acquisition in the field that they have specialized. This would bring a positive result in the social, cultural and economic standard of these youth.

“The Coastline Foundation” for technical  education  has formulated a scheme to conduct vocational education programs for the “Youth of Maldives” in 2 phases,

This include,

  1. Phase 1: Technical Education
  2. Phase 2: Service Management related to Hospitality



Phase 1 of the training programs will be focus on:

  • Diesel & Petrol Engineering
  • Water Plants (SWRO)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Plumbing
  • Refrigerator & Air Conditioning


(+960 ) 3328832

www.tvec.edu.mv / www.tvec.mv