About Coastline Group

Founded in 1994, Coastline Group is among the Maldives’ premier private conglomerates, spanning a diverse array of industries. Its operations encompass logistics, oil importation, storage, and distribution, construction and piling, building materials supply, hotel and resort development, condominium projects, airport ownership, development, operation, luxury yacht, and boat manufacturing.

As the leading importer and distributor of fuel-related products, including Marine Gasoil and Mo Gas, Coastline Group, through its subsidiary Asian Gasoil, services 65% of the country’s resorts, establishing itself as a cornerstone in the Maldives’ tourism infrastructure.

In the last decade, Coastline has initiated and participated in ten significant, diversified mega-projects within the Maldives. These ventures span tourism, real estate, aviation, airports, and transportation, significantly contributing to the nation’s economic development and enhancing the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Subsidiaries under the Coastline umbrella include:

  • Coastline Investments (specializing in Asian Gas & Oil and Coastal Blocks)
  • Coastline Hotels & Resorts (focused on hospitality and resort management)
  • Kanufushi Investments (Investment arm)
  • Coastline Piling & Construction (offering construction and piling services)
  • Platinum Real Estate Development (engaged in property development)
  • Al Shaali Marine Maldives (manufacturers of luxury yachts and boats)
  • Boat & Engineering (providing engineering services)
  • The Small Maldives Island Co. (resort and island management)
  • DIMO Coastline (boatbuilding, repair, engineering)

This expansive network of companies underlines Coastline Group’s pivotal role in the Maldives’ economic landscape and its commitment to fostering growth and prosperity in the region.

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